Shooting With Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100

Acros was the first black and white film I tried, not by choice, but because it was the only black and white film available in Fujifilm, Session Road. It turned out to be a film I’m glad I tried.

My first Acros roll was with the Canon AE-1 during a trip to Luna, La Union. This was a time when I had only one roll of film (Superia) under my belt and I was still figuring out how to use the camera. Aside from being completely clueless, this was a time when I had this belief that film photography was gnarly, impossible for me to ever learn, and too complex for my brain cells. My inner dialogue was all about “What is Sunny 16? Do I really need to know about it? What’s that needle doing on the left side of my viewfinder? Should I have consulted YouTube videos before embarking on this?” So what’s a girl got to do? Despite my self-doubts and lack of knowledge, I did it anyway. As the old adage says, nothing’s gonna start if you don’t take the first step, or something to that effect.



Eventually, I purchased a second roll at Mountain Studio (Session Road, Baguio City). Why a second roll, you ask? Simple- I like how the photos came out. It had just the right amount of contrast and grain. Good details in the highlights are also something I appreciate.

My adventures with Acros ended after the second roll, again, not by choice, but because I couldn’t find a local shop that sold it. At the time I wasn’t aware it was being sold online by several shops in Manila.

Fast forward to 2017, and here I am again shooting with Acros. This time, I developed the roll myself using Kodak XTOL.




As of this writing, the only place in Baguio City where I saw Neopan Acros being sold is in Fujifilm Session Road. If you’re interested in trying this film out, you can ask if there are any available that are not expired. Take note though that they do not process black and white film there, so you would need to either develop the film yourself or send it to another lab.

Will I shoot with this film again? Definitely. One thing I’d like to try is to push it to 400. Once I’ve tried it, I’ll post some sample images here.

Have you shot with Acros 100 before? Do you want to share your experience or tips? Leave me a comment below.

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All images Copyright © 2017 by She Escobar, all rights reserved. Images may not be copied, downloaded, printed or otherwise disseminated without express written permission of She Escobar.


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  1. Perhaps I shld run a roll soon. Thank you! The pics are lovely!


  2. Acros 100 is also one of my favorite films. Recently I pushed a roll to 800. Will publish the images on my blog as soon as I shake off my blogging-laziness ;)


  3. Lovely set of photos. I haven’t used Acros for a long time, but I ended up buying a few rolls after seeing your photos.
    Awesome blog, I really enjoyed reading your adventures in film photography. Happy shooting 📷


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