Meeting Chekney

This is my first photo of Chekney back in 2012. I’ve never posted this photo of her before. Chekney was an amazing storyteller. She was shy at first, as expected, but opened up quite easily as I continued talking to her.

I’ve always wanted to go back here and talk to her again, but most importantly, give her a print of her photos. Personal matters got in the way. My initial desire gave way to unsure intentions; making each day pass with the thought that she’ll always be there and I can go there any time.

I was wrong.

“Natay isunan,” (she already died) the lady said.

I felt my excitement and anticipation turning into sadness and disappointment for myself.

What does this teach me? Plenty.

People are not always there to wait for us. People leave. People die. I was a year too late.

What I thought was enough, wasn’t.

I wish I could have done more… put in more effort to connect with her at the time.

What I thought were unending days, were counted and limited.

What I thought was presence, was fleeting.

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  1. Sad to hear the news of her departure, but I’m glad you met her and managed to not only snap an image of her but also engage with her great conversations about life. Something that cannot be replaced.


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