The Importance of Waiting

A considerable amount of time was spent on reaching this village. The photo speaks not only of the scenery, but also of the screams of untrained muscles and a heart beating fast. Far from the reaches of a more modern world, someone just needs to stay for a few minutes and sense that this place promises a calmer, more quiet experience. The stimulation of the senses ensues. The viewer first feels the place and attends to its display of lines and light. The eyes see the interplay of shadows and reflections. The smell of dried earth dances in the air. The touch of a warm breeze comforts her as sweat trickled down the sides of her face. A barrage of sensations flood her. She waits. And she waits some more. At that time she forgets her camera. She observes. An inner voice tells her to take the picture as a man approaches. But her heart says, “Wait. There’s so much more.” She sees the ripples and the clouds on the very earth she treads. She knows it’s time.

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  1. Breath taking image sis!


  2. You see and feel the collateral beauty within your soul and of this world.


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