Second Roll of Expired Film

I had so much fun shooting my first roll of expired film so I had to try it again. Expired film is unpredictable, but it’s not enough to stop me from trying them. I think if you’re out there shooting with film, you’ve got to embrace uncertainty. This is one thing I like about film photography – so much uncertainty to be had… much like life, I guess.


I’ve been feeling down lately. I needed some air and a little bit of sun so I headed out with the Canon A1 and a roll of expired Fujicolor YKL 100. It was a warm and sunny day in Burnham Park. It was just what I needed. A GoPro was placed on the camera to record some videos while I was out and about.

For the majority of the shots, I overexposed them. I noticed that there wasn’t too much grain compared to the ones I got from the first expired film I tried.

There’s also another reason why I went to Burnham Park and decided to “shoot street.” Admittedly, it is the hardest thing for me to do. I feel uneasy shooting out on the streets; afraid that I will offend anyone. With that in mind, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone. I figured I’d take a little bit of risk.


Camera: Canon A1 | Film: Fujicolor YKL 100 (Expiry Date: March 2013) | Developing and Scanning: Fujifilm Baguio, Session Road, Philippines

Have you tried shooting expired film before? What made you shoot it? Did you like the results?

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  1. Lovely colours great shots pls keep shooting


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